T7-120180:Toy Automatic Painting Machine
Origin        :Baoan District, Shenzhen, China
Painting Scope:--mm mm
Product Brand :kun han
Quantity      :100
Unit          :Set
T7-120180Toy Painting Machine
Parameters and Specifications of Toy Automatic Painting Machine
Rated voltage:220V/50HZ
Dimensions:L960*W1065*H1900 mm
Maximum power:0.9 KW
Weight: 513kg
Output_Pressare:0.5-0.7 mpa
Noise level:——DB
Ventilation volume:380-500 m3/hr
The feed tray sends the work piece to the spray zone in whirling way. After painting is completed, the work piece will be sent to the discharge zone. While the machine is painting,the operator can unload the work piece that has been processed and then load the unprocessed one. Positioning for production is little, production cost is low, and the operator can have high freedom to operate.
Elegant Demeanor of"T7-120180"Toy Automatic Painting Machine